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Come meet our new post-doc researcher, Dr. Andrew Jones!

In 1843, the established Church of Scotland was severely weakened following a secession of a third of the ministers and around half of the laity in an event that soon became known as ‘the Disruption.’ The group that left and went on to form the Free Church of Scotland included many leading evangelicals like the social reformer and popular preacher Thomas Chalmers. Yet other evangelicals remained in the established Kirk. The presence, role, and influence of these ‘established evangelicals’ in the post-Disruption Church of Scotland is the subject of my recently published book, The Revival of Evangelicalism: Mission and Piety in the Victorian Church of Scotland (Edinburgh University Press, 2022). For my upcoming talk at the Funk Heritage Center, I’ll share more about the book, but also field any questions related to Scottish History – including the influence and presence of Scottish emigrants amongst the Southeast Native American peoples like the Cherokee and Muscogee.

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